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The world is changing – and mobility is changing with it. Be inspired by it and experience the movement of tomorrow. Because with the Audi e-tron, electromobility is not only sustainable but also exciting. Loaded with a thrilling design, a breathtaking driving experience, and innovative technology for almost limitless freedom.

What is e-tron?

e-tron means enjoyment while driving and unlimited suitability for everyday use thanks to the electric drive. With the Audi e-tron, technology becomes the product series and model designation.

e-tron in everyday life.
The incredible acceleration. The almost silent drive. The great feeling of driving locally without CO₂ emissions. If you've ever experienced an electric car you know how fascinating electric mobility is. However, e-tron not only means driving enjoyment thanks to the electric drive, but also unrestricted suitability for everyday use. Because a trouble-free everyday life with an electric car first and foremost means problem-free charging.

Lindsay Saker Audi -  Intro to Electric

The seamless switch to electric.

The breadth of the Audi e-tron lineup harnesses over a century of Audi engineering prowess. Every model comes equipped with long-range capability, ultra-fast charging batteries, and state-of-the-art technology to make switching to electric driving as seamless as possible.

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Lindsay Saker Audi -  Charging

Buzzwords for an electric life

Lindsay Saker Audi -  kw
kW (kilowatts)

The unit of measurement for electrical power. In Electric Vehicles, the kW of a motor relates to its maximum power output. In relation to a combustion engine, each kW is roughly equivalent to 1.34 horsepower.

Lindsay Saker Audi -  kwh
kWh (kilowatts hours)

Battery capacity is like a conventional gas tank, but is measured in kWh or kilowatt hours (versus gallons). Kilometres per kWh for an EV is equivalent to mpg for a combustion engine vehicle — essentially, it is your energy consumption. The lower the kWh consumed, the more energy efficient the battery

Lindsay Saker Audi -  Charging
Charge Time

Charging times refer to the time it takes to fully charge your Audi e-tron battery at home with a fast-charging alternating current (AC) system. While charging is generally seamless, several factors can influence the speed or rate of charge when recharging your electric vehicle (EV). The maximum power output of the charging site, temperature of the battery, ambient temperature, state of charge of the battery at the beginning of charge, the level you would like to charge your battery to, and several other factors all affect how long it takes to charge your Audi e-tron

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