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Learn about the technology in the Audi e-tron range, along with your charging options, range calculations and how well it will fit into
your everyday life.

Introduction to electric Vehicles

The world is changing – and mobility is changing with it. Be inspired by it and experience the movement of tomorrow. Because with the Audi e-tron, electromobility is not only sustainable but also exciting. Loaded with a thrilling design, a breathtaking driving experience, and innovative technology for almost limitless freedom.

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Welcome to our Audi e-tron video guides, showcasing everything you need to know from how to charge your e-tron, to maximising the range of your e-tron. We will add to this library regularly in the lead up to launch, so we invite you to visit again soon.

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At Audi South Africa we feel confident that the market we serve is ready to embrace a more premium and sustainable form of mobility. As we plan to bring the Audi e-tron range of electric vehicles to South Africa, we believe that it’s also an opportune time to inspire and expose consumers towards the future of motoring and all that it can offer. The future is really an attitude if you are able to embrace the transformation and look at the possibilities that the new era of e-mobility will include.

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Caring for your Audi e-tron

Start your electric journey with complete peace of mind. From roadside assistance to parts and battery replacements, our warranty and maintenance plans ensure you have many electrifying kilometres in your Audi e-tron.

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Frequently asked questions

What would you like to know about the Audi e-tron?

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E-tron dealers

Please contact one of our specialist e-tron Dealers to answer any questions you may have, or to find your perfect e-tron model.

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Model Range

At the end of 2018, Audi introduced its first all-electric vehicle to the world – the Audi e-tron – and a whole new chapter of the brand’s history began. The e-tron name describes Audi vehicles wholly driven by electric power, featuring plug-in and fast-charging convenience, advanced energy recuperation whilst driving and of course, zero emissions. The ever-expanding Audi e-tron range represents no compromise, luxury motoring, with sophisticated vehicle design and dynamic performance and handling, but with electric drive.

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